Banjo Composer

Banjo Health Composer is an AI-powered decision tree creation tool that automates the process of building and maintaining clinical criteria decision trees. With Composer, clinicians can upload new sets of criteria and rapidly create accurate decision trees in minutes, rather than the hours it takes to do so manually.

Less time drafting
decision trees
Faster decision
tree updates

Composer takes the tedious task of building and maintaining clinical criteria decision trees and automates the process.


Auto Ingest Clinical Criteria

Composer ingests each new set of clinical criteria using OCR and NLP to find decision points and map a decision tree instantaneously.

Intuitive Interface

Once the decision tree has been created, clinicians can review, edit and approve decision trees in an easy-to-use drag and drop editor allowing your team to fine tune.

Testing Sandbox

Test your decision tree outside of the production environment to safely identify issues.

Simple Approval

Easily create a workflow for approvals across the organization. Track Stakeholders reviews, allowing test and sign-off on any new or decision tree.

Implementation Scheduling

As criteria updates are scheduled to take effect, you can set and adjust effective dates to make sure there is no lag on switching decision tree versions.

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