BanjoPA: Intelligent Prior Authorization Workflow Platform

BanjoPA is the first intelligent medical and pharmacy prior authorization workflow platform, powered by AI. Our solution allows you to automatically ingest, manage, and respond to PA requests quickly and confidently, all while seamlessly integrating into your existing infrastructure.

Faster decision
tree updates

BanjoPA is a full suite prior authorization platform that enables in-house, end-to-end automation of prior authorization. Our client health plans achieve significant administrative efficiencies and faster, better patient outcomes.


Fully Integratable

BanjoPA was designed to fit snuggly within your current technology stack regardless of composure.

Intake Agnostic

Whether PA requests come in digitally or via fax, BanjoPA extracts the pertinent information automatically, greatly reducing time to response.

Real-time Case Creation

PA requests are fully as they come in and scraped for pertinent patient and conditional information via our powerful AI engine. Case fields are filled in automatically from the offset.

End-to-end Case Management

From request to appeal, BanjoPA is a single application tool that allows clinicians to efficiently manage the PA pipeline and avoid cross-platform data transfers.

Intelligent Decisioning

Banjo's revolutionary decisioning tool matches requests against predefined decision trees, instantly providing clinicians with a traceable recommended course of action. This allows them to quickly review for accuracy and respond to cases.

Fully Recorded

All PA response reasoning is recorded and justified, making appeal processes simpler and supporting quality and compliance reporting, including NCQA, URAC, CMS.

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