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Our mission is to make the business of prior authorization pain free.

Built for clinicians by clinicians

Our experienced team of engineers and clinicians have built our platform to reduce prior authorization inefficiencies for health plans, PBMs, employer groups, and providers by offering advanced solutions that benefit patient care from top to bottom.

Intelligent solutions for mission critical problems

Our solutions use AI and cloud-based technologies to meet compliance regulations across all lines of business.


Banjo Values

We're a simplicity company. From the day we opened our doors, focus on faster and more accurate access to care has driven our every decision. We have a vision for the future that is deeply rooted in a belief that healthcare can and should be simpler. We develop the technology, and the partnerships, to help payers meet the needs of their members and providers.

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Take initiative, ownership and responsibility. Anyone can point out problems; bandmates find solutions
Take the time to stop and acknowledge where we came from so that we don't miss how impressive the climb is
Approach every problem with enthusiasm, conviction, and gusto
The world is not one dimensional and there are multiple ways to approach any problem. We are open and willing to try anything to meet our objectives
Together as one
We drive together as a team to a unified vision. No one is left behind
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Saar Mahna
Founder & CEO
Mike Knowles
Randy Ulloa
Tyler Mullican
Chase Rowan
Shannon Fee
Head of Data Science
James Rollins
VP of Engineering & Cofounder