prior authorization

A smart solution that makes refined, compliant prior authorization decisions automatically. It gets smarter with each decision, reducing turnaround time from days to hours — and getting answers to patients faster.

Automate PA review

Prior authorization is an expensive and complex team effort, requiring a number of experts investing valuable time to analyze data in order to make painstaking decisions.

But what if they didn’t have to?

The Banjo Health platform was designed by clinicians and engineers, working side-by-side, to make prior authorization work better for everyone involved. You configure it to your needs, using an intuitive interface, and put it to work.

Easy to use

You configure the Banjo Health platform to your unique needs, using checklists and drag-and-drop tools, with little to no coding necessary. As different members of your team use the platform, it keeps track of changes for complete traceability. It's so easy to use, you will feel like it was built just for your company.

Built for the future

The Banjo Health platform completely rethinks how PA gets done, rather than just tacking on new bells and whistles to an outdated system. It can enhance or replace your legacy systems, acting as a stepping stone to a more streamlined, data-driven future.

Smarter every day

The Banjo Health platform relies on artificial intelligence—which means it learns with every new decision. It collects and "reads" many different kinds of inputs, understanding real-world language and incorporating each new piece of data into your decision trees.

Platform solutions

Discover which Banjo Health solution best fits your prior authorization needs today and in the future.

Enhance your current workflow

Designed by reviewers for reviewers, Banjo PA greatly reduces manual efforts on intake, supporting major standards. It then AI-generates decision rationale and denial reasoning to reduce the expert reviewer time, with significant reduction in concurrence with humans, all while storing key data for reuse.  

Auto convert your PA policies into decision trees

Composer alleviates the burden created by complex clinical criteria. With this configurable, low-code platform, you publish your own clinical criteria and decision trees. You can author medical necessity and prior authorization requirements with guidance, and automatically convert free form text-based clinical criteria into a decision tree. You will move PA to the background so you can focus on other priorities.

Decisions. Made. Easy.

Decision tree creation in seconds not hours

Now, you can spend time reviewing cases and, when necessary, updating trees directly via a no-code UI.

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