Intelligent Prior Authorization

prior authorization automation that just makes sense.


Decision trees created automatically

AI built decision trees makes adding new or
updated therapy clinical criteria a snap.
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Banjo PA

Faster PA response time, happier members.

Review and respond to PA requests quickly
and accurately with Banjo PA
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Why Banjo?

Banjo Health is the first intelligent workflow platform for medical and pharmacy prior authorization

Banjo Health

Built for clinicians by clinicians

The Banjo Health platform was designed by clinicians and engineers, working side-by-side, to make prior authorization work better for everyone involved. You configure it to your needs, using an intuitive interface, and put it to work. Built around AI, Banjo drives efficiency throughout the PA approval process.


Take your decision trees to the next level

Upload clinical criteria and Composers takes over drafting a decision tree in seconds. The drag and drop interface lets you easily make adjustments and fine tune in just minutes.
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Faster pa response

Lightning quick response times.

Banjo PA super charges your PA team. Requests are ingested and matched against the decision tree to identify key factors and recommend a response in seconds.


Let the numbers speak for themselves

Banjo Health Stream lines your prior authorization process allowing you to be more efficient with your resources and be more responsive to patients and providers.

Faster response
Reduction in appeals
Less time drafting
decision trees
Update times

Frequently asked questions

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