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Banjo Health Inc. Announces Partnership with ELMCRx Solutions

BOSTON January 29, 2021 (PR NEWSWIRE) -  Banjo Health, a startup leader in AI-driven prior authorization solutions, today is pleased to announce the signing of a multi-year agreement with ELMCRx Solutions, LLC, a pharmacy benefits management and cost containment firm located in Pennsylvania, to enhance existing prior authorization management and reporting practices through intelligent, clinician-focused solutions.


Effective Mar. 1, 2021, Banjo Health will provide its comprehensive PA Management solution, Harmony PA, to

ELMCRx Solutions in order to enhance the current PA management processes. Harmony PA was built to support consistent application of clinical criteria for PA determinations and provide actionable insights with its reporting suite. Through a user interface that aggregates all pertinent information into one simple to use solution, clinicians will be able to make faster and more accurate decisions which leads to improvements in Turn-Around-Times and patient satisfaction.


"After reviewing several options in the marketplace, we felt Banjo Health's solution offered the most advanced, intuitive platform for ELMCRx's operations," stated Mary Ann Carlisle, Chief Revenue Officer, ELMCRx Solutions.


Banjo Health, founded in May 2019, is taking a unique approach to prior authorization by focusing on creating solutions that assist clinical reviewers in how they apply clinical criteria, submit determinations, and send notifications. With an in-house clinical team that has decades of experience in PA, Banjo Health understands common frustrations and complaints industry-wide which led to the creation of its initial product, Virtuoso AI, the first AI-decision support tool that provides auditable approval/denial reasoning.


"We are delighted to partner with ELMCRx Solutions to advance the valuable services they are already providing to their clients and are confident that Banjo Health's solution will support ELMCRx's growth with their customer's complex prior authorization workflows, resulting in significant efficiencies and value," says Saar Mahna, Founder and CEO of Banjo Health.


About Banjo Health
Banjo Health is an innovative healthcare technology solution provider that enhances existing practices through Artificial Intelligence (AI). The mission of Banjo Health is to clear the path for healthcare partners to focus on optimal patient care by providing innovative, effective, and efficient technological solutions to overcome administrative barriers. With a focus on simplifying the complexities in Prior Authorization, Banjo is dedicated to improving the healthcare experience for everyone from providers and payers to patients. Solution offerings, Harmony PA, Virtuoso AI, and Concerto Suite utilize AI and cloud-based technologies to meet all compliance regulations across all lines of business to provide a more accurate, streamlined, and transparent PA process.


About ELMCRx Solutions
ELMCRx Solutions, LLC is a pharmacy benefits consulting firm headquartered in Pennsylvania that optimizes member outcomes and pricing. With programs ranging from PBM program evaluation, contract negotiation, specialty and non-specialty drug strategies, and clinical management, ELMCRx Solutions provides best in class services resulting in superior cost savings, risk management, and clinical design. For more information, visit

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