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Tapping AI Solutions to Deliver Faster
Prior Authorization Results


Prior Authorizations are an administrative burden for nearly every participant in the care continuum. Banjo Health is an innovative healthcare technology solution provider that enhances existing practices through Artificial Intelligence (AI). 


The time is now for serious and impactful change to the prior authorization process to avoid unnecessary stumbling blocks for patients.  These delays caused by slow Prior Authorization processes can cause devastating and critical life-threatening events to patients.

Learn more about the string of networks tied to Banjo Health and how you can reduce PA turnaround time by 20%

No-Code AI Solutions Eliminating PA Burdens

Harmony PA, Virtuoso AI, Composer, and Concerto Suite.


"Banjo Health's solution allows us to rapidly scale and support our growth in a way that all of the other solutions we evaluated cannot."
- Banjo Health Customer


Serving Key Markets


Promoting improved member care, increase cost savings, and ease provider communication with regards to PA management. 

Providing high-quality patient care at an affordable rate to ensure the needs of PBMs can be met now and in the future with no disruptions to daily duties of the business.


Industry Pain Points

91% of respondents reported that a PA delayed access to necessary care.

74% of surveyed physicians stated that PA delays led to patients abandoning their recommended course of treatment.

24% of physicians said that PA processes have led to a serious adverse event for a patient in their care.

*Source, recent AMA survey of 1,000 practicing physicians.