Inaugural Saar Mahna Trophy Winner – Billy Swe

Banjo Health is pleased to announce that Billy Swe, software engineer, is the first recipient of the prestigious Saar Mahna Trophy. In Q4 2020, Banjo Health initiated weekly trivia questions on Friday stand-downs that ranged in topics all the way from US presidents to skateboarding. At the end of the quarter, Billy was the sole leader at the top of the scoreboard entitling him to be presented with a one-of-a-kind Saar Mahna bobblehead trophy. Every quarter, there will be a different way for Banjo Health employees to earn the trophy and make Saar bobble to all their wishes. Check back in after Q1 to see if Billy was able to keep the trophy in his possession or another member of the Banjo team was able to snag it away.

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