Banjo Health CEO & Founder, Saar Mahna, Presents at Moritz College of Law

Saar Mahna, Founder & CEO of Banjo Health, presented to Professor Paul Rose’s students at a lecture in Professor Rose’s Business Associations class at the Moritz College of Law (The Ohio State University). As an OSU Moritz College of Law alum, Saar was invited back by his former professor to discuss with current students the process of creating a startup company, the challenges, and the rewards that go along with being an entrepreneur. Saar Mahna completed his JD/MBA in 2014, which has given him a unique perspective on starting a business.

Saar discussed a variety of topics about his background and starting a company, including corporate formation & planning, the process of raising capital, and what inspired him to start Banjo Health. One of the topics that really resonated with students was the incorporation process of Banjo Health. Professor Rose stated that “it was important for the students to hear Saar's thought process on where and how to incorporate Banjo Health -- they really seemed to appreciate his perspective as both a JD and as a business founder. I thought his explanations of why Banjo Health was incorporated (and incorporated in Delaware) were crucial for the students' understanding of how founders work through such decisions.”

As Saar has been in the same seat as Professor Rose’s current students, the professor noted that “the students enjoyed hearing about Saar's personal journey from law school to the launch of Banjo Health. Saar is always very open and honest about the challenges he has faced and lessons learned from the journey.”

“I really enjoyed speaking with Professor Rose’s students. They asked great questions and are well on their way to helping shape the future of business as lawyers and professionals,” said Saar.

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