Working towards a better future together by employing an immersive, collaborative approach allowing for customizable, unique solutions designed to meet each customer’s specific needs. 

Banjo believes that strong partnerships are built through a network of open communication to allow the exchange of ideas to benefit development of customized solutions for each client.  Banjo is a team made up with years of experience from a large cross-section of industries and backgrounds which creates a wide array of consultative advice to aid each solution integration.  By having one-on-one access with each functional department during the implementation process for a Banjo solution, Banjo ensures compliance & data security needs, optimal efficiency of the solution, and ongoing innovations are achieved to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Banjo? 

Compliance: Each solution complies with all state, federal, and commercial regulations with ongoing monitoring of changes to regulations to facilitate immediate adjustments when necessary. 

Data Security: Using the latest data security methods, Banjo has developed safeguards to prevent any unauthorized access to customer data.  However, data sharing has been simplified to ensure a speedy and safe delivery of data when required to eliminate lengthy delays that add frustration to the integration process.

Efficiency/Optimization: By having one-on-one access within Banjo during and after integration, the solution is fully customized until a customer is completely satisfied with the performance and design.  After integration, Banjo’s operations department monitors performance to develop additional innovations or optimizations.

Smart Innovation: With a desire to revolutionize and correct all current inhibitors to patient care, Banjo works to deliver creative fixes that in tandem with the customized solution benefit to quicken and improve the quality of care.  No problem is too small to be solved to alleviate the problems to be faced with the increasing pressure on healthcare utilization in the upcoming years.


Aiming to impact as many patient lives as possible through ingenious integration with all existing market solutions. 

Banjo Health has been designed with ease of integration in mind to improve care for patients on a massive scale.  By partnering with organization from millions of lives to only a few thousand, quick and efficient integration is the key to support health plans, PBMs, and employer groups improve upon existing practices in a timely manner.

Health Plans: Understanding the complex environment that health plans face for both commercial and government plans allows Banjo to offer unique solutions and knowledge that promotes improved member care, increase cost savings, and ease provider communication with regards to PA management. 

PBMs: By focusing on providing cost savings for pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), more time and effort can be spent on providing high-quality patient care at an affordable rate.  Banjo examines market trends and developments consistently to ensure the needs of PBMs can be met now and in the future with no disruptions to daily duties of the business.